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Support ticket system built on top of Contact Form 7 and Flamingo plugins.

Support ticket system built on top of Contact Form 7 and Flamingo plugins.

As long as you have installed and activated CF7 and Flamingo or you already are using them you can set up the Help Desk 9 plugin in no time and add a simple support ticket system to your site.

Download Developry Help Desk 9

* Get it directly from WordPress Plugin Directory.

Getting Started

Create a new Contact Form 7 form and add both its shortcode and the Help Desk 9 shortcode into the page body.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

In addition, add the following to the Additional Settings in your Contact Form 7:

flamingo_email: "[your-email]"
flamingo_name: "[your-name]"
flamingo_subject: "[your-subject]"

If you create a support page for a registered user (e.g Subscribers) you may want to have your Contact Form 7 Name and Email fields populated and read-only, e.g.

[text* your-name default:user_display_name readonly placeholder "Full name*"]
[email* your-email default:user_email readonly placeholder "Email address*"]

You can have your ticketing system working for the following different scenarios:

  • Protected – visible on a password protected page.
  • Private – visible only for registered users.
  • Public – visible to all visitors (this way everyone will be able to see the conversation and post anonymously).

IMPORTANT: Currently there is a naming limitation filter for the fields that will show up on the front-end. You need to have the following keywords when you create the Contact Form 7 fields.

input, title, subject, message, description, content, textarea


  • Upload  help-desk-9-by-developry to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress; You need to have both Contact Form 7 and Flamingo installed and activated.
  • Create a new page and add the Contact Form 7 and Help Desk 9 shortcodes.
  • Once you get a new request you will need to respond and re-open the ticket to be visible to the end-user.


  • It is simple and easy to set up, just have Contact Form 7 and Flamingo installed and activated.
  • The plugin will extend the Flamingo Inbound Messages page as well as every single entry where you can see the log of your support tickets replies.
  • Very easy UI to post replies from the admin area as well as on the front-end by the user.
  • You will be about to customize the front-end layout and styles, just export the raw data as a JSON string (see Tips and Tricks below for more information)

Tips and Tricks

There are two additional attributes available with the Help Desk 9 shortcode. You can use them if you wish to customize (markup differently) and style the output of the support data table differently.

// Use print_r( $data ) to view the data structure.
$data = json_decode( do_shortcode( '[help-desk-9 output="json" format="raw"]' ) );


This screencast is a quick demo with step by step on how to set up your Help Desk 9, with Contact Form 7 and Flamingo, and create your first support page. (turn on subtitles if you need some additional instructions)

CORRECTION: the default value for Your Name field shortcode is incorrect in the video and should be as follows [text* your-name default:user_display_name readonly placeholder “Full name*”]

License and Credits

The plugin is distributed with GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. It is dependent on Contact Form 7 and Flamingo so big thanks to the people behind these two plugins.

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