New WordPress 5.3 action and filter hooks

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” was released to the public on November 12, 2019. Block Editor Improvements Expanded Design Flexibility Introducing Twenty Twenty Theme Automatic Image Rotation Site Health Checks Admin Email Verification Date/Time Component Fixes PHP 7.4 Compatibility You can go ahead and read more new releases here. In addition, to all of the above with […]

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” was released to the public on November 12, 2019.

You can go ahead and read more new releases here.

In addition, to all of the above with each new version release of WordPress, there are some new hooks added. Below you can find a list of the ones can be useful in my opinion. You can learn more about each one in the WordPress Codex. (I highlighted /bolded the ones I think are more useful than the others within the list)

admin_email_confirm_formactionFires inside the admin-email-confirm-form form tags, before the hidden fields.
admin_email_check_intervalfilterFilters the interval for redirecting the user to the admin email confirmation screen.
admin_email_confirmactionFires before the admin email confirm form.
make_clickable_relfilterFilters the rel value that is added to URL matches converted to links.
log_query_custom_datafilterFilters the custom query data being logged.
recovery_email_debug_infofilterFilters the debug information included in the fatal error protection email.
comments_pre_queryfilterFilter the comments data before the query takes place.
register_sidebar_defaultsfilterFilters the sidebar default arguments.
wp_image_maybe_exif_rotatefilterFilters the $orientation value to correct it before rotating or to prevemnt rotating the image.
wp_datefilterFilters the date formatted based on the locale.
wp_get_original_image_pathfilterFilters the path to the original image.
wp_get_original_image_urlfilterFilters the URL to the original attachment image.
is_stickyfilterFilters whether a post is sticky.
wp_image_resize_identical_dimensionsfilterFilters whether to proceed with making an image sub-size with identical dimensions with the original/source image. Differences of 1px may be due to rounding and are ignored.
terms_pre_queryfilterFilter the terms array before the query takes place.
insert_with_markers_inline_instructionsfilterFilters the inline instructions inserted before the dynamically generated content.
wp_privacy_personal_data_email_subjectfilterFilters the subject of the email sent when an export request is completed.
wp_privacy_personal_data_email_tofilterFilters the recipient of the personal data export email notification.
site_status_test_resultfilterFilter the output of a finished Site Health test.
wp_get_missing_image_subsizesfilterFilters the array of missing image sub-sizes for an uploaded image.
big_image_size_thresholdfilterFilters the “BIG image” threshold value.
manage_sites_extra_tablenavactionFires immediately following the closing “actions” div in the tablenav for the MS sites list table.
display_site_statesfilterFilter the default site display states for items in the Sites list table.
restrict_manage_sitesactionFires before the Filter button on the MS sites list table.
site_status_test_php_modulesfilterAn array representing all the modules we wish to test for.
wp_privacy_personal_data_email_contentfilterFilters the text of the email sent with a personal data export file.
intermediate_image_sizes_advancedfilterFilters the image sizes automatically generated when uploading an image.
wp_generate_attachment_metadatafilterFilters the generated attachment meta data.
random_passwordfilterFilters the randomly-generated password.
safe_style_cssfilterFilters list of allowed CSS attributes.

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